Friday, December 18, 2015

"We Were Heroes" Is Coming!

The long wait is nearly over.  Martinus Publishing's next anthology, "We Were Heroes," will be coming out on February 29th.  More will be revealed about this collection as we get closer to the release date, and we will be doing a round of author interviews so readers can get to know the writers behind the stories.

First things first, let's just get the table of contents out there, so everyone can see which stories are in this set.

1:  Faded Instincts -by Chris Allinotte
2:  The Absence of Heat -by Karl G. Rich
3:  Return of the Star Squad –by John Grey
4:   Doctor Genocide and the Five Stages of Grief –by J.M. Perkins
5:  Mr. Cuddles –by Bruno Lombardi
6:  Her Game –by John Vicary
7:  The Deadly Duo –by T.L. Barrett
8:  Everything Breaks Down, Even The Jackhammer –by T. Mike McCurley
9:  The Exile –by Gary Budgen
10:  Where We End Up –by Robin Brown
11:  To Fight The Unbeatable –by Wayland Smith
12:  Night Terror –by Frank Byrns
13:  Forgotten But Not Gone –by T. Mike McCurley
14:  In the Shadow of the Greatest Superhero Who Ever Lived –by Tzipur Sheker
15:  Dial "C" For Consult –by Doug Lane
16:  Poetic Justice –by Edmund Wells
17:  Woman, Thy Name Is Hell –by Edmund Wells 

Check out the Martinus Publishing website for pre-order details, and stay tuned for more details.
Cover art by Yakir Ben Haim

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