Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boycott Downeast Glass

There's nothing like a bad experience to snap me back into writing mode, and my latest quest for quality service in automotive glass replacement has me fired up.  You can already tell from the title of this post that things did not go well, and "quality" is still something I'm searching for.  Bear with me as I explain my frustrating experience, as I hope to spare you the trouble of finding out the hard way.

Not so long ago, I acquired an old car (something I'm planning to unveil in a future blog post once it's ready for display).  It needed a few things when I bought it, and one of those things was a front driver's side window.  The old safety glass was cracked, and it needed to be replaced before I could get the car inspected and on the road.  Since I'm not a professional installer of automotive glass, I decided to take the problem to a shop that purports to be such an installer; Downeast Glass.  I brought them the pane in its mounting rail and the lady at the service desk courteously took it, saying it would be a few days to have it ready.  That was on August 6th.

The following Friday, I stopped by to ask if they'd finished the window (considering 5 days to be "a few") and they politely explained that it wasn't done yet, that their work men were "on the road" and hadn't gotten around to it yet.  They said they would have it done by Tuesday, and that they would "definitely call" when it was ready.

Tuesday came and went, and no call was made.  I decided to give them a few more days, as driving to their location was out of my way, and they had promised to call when it was finished.  Time ticked by, and still no call.  Yesterday we hit the two week point, and I decided to go find out what was taking so long.

Tuesday, August 21, I made a special detour to their shop, and asked about my window.  I heard the magic words, "It's done," and for a fleeting moment I had my hopes up.  Sadly, they were dashed when they carried out a piece of glass along with my mounting rail wholly unattached.  Their shop goon had finally gotten around to cutting the glass, but no attempt was made at mounting the thing.  They slapped down a tube of automotive calk and made up a cockamamie excuse as to why they didn't do their job, and expected me to do it myself.

Tell me, what would you say if you went to a shop, asked them to install a part, only to have them hand you the part and say, "Here you go, do it yourself," while acting as if this was standard operating procedure?  I'm sure you'd be pissed off, as well.

The "excuse" they used for not installing the window is that it "has to be set just right, or it won't fit in the car."  Obviously, they know nothing about the car or glass in question.  If they had a clue, they'd know how full of crap their excuse is.  First off, their goon should have measured the position of the glass in the rail before ripping it out.  Barring that logical step, the window assembly in the car is adjustable, so even if they didn’t put it back exactly the way it came out, the window rollers are easily adjusted, so long as the glass is the right size.

So, after not doing their job and handing me a piece of glass that I'm supposed to install myself, they charge me $142.85.  $77 of that is "labor."  Almost $30 of it is for the tube of "automotive adhesive" they expect me to use to install my own glass, and  just over $32 was for the piece of glass itself.  Talk about a rip off.  There's a shop in Pennsylvania that sells glass for my car, and I could have an exact pane for $56.  Even with the shipping, it would've been less to have it ordered and delivered, and I would have gotten it faster.  Too bad I thought a local shop could actually do something right.  If I'd known they weren't going to install the damn pane, why would I have bothered to take it to them in the first place?

This isn't the first example of bad service I've encountered from Downeast Glass.  Back in 2006, a friend of mine had them install a windshield in her truck.  This was a straightforward job done on a fairly recent model.  When they installed the windshield, they couldn't get the gasket back into place so they just smeared some "automotive adhesive" (they must really like that stuff) around the top of it and called it good.  The thing leaked like sieve and looked like hell, and they didn't give a damn.  I thought after six years they might have improved and acquired some competent workers, but obviously nothing has changed.  I should have known better.

Downeast Glass is a piss-poor operation, and I would never recommend their services to anyone.  On the contrary, I'm telling everyone I know to avoid them.  There are other glass places, and I can't believe they'd all be this incompetent.  I will certainly find out about their competition the next time I have a window to replace, as Downeast Glass will never get my business again.

Spread the word; the boycott is on!


  1. Well, were it me I might me enticed to load up a slingshot, some rocks, and do a slingshot drive-by and get some revenge! lol

    That sucks for you, though. Incompetence abounds. I believe there are websites that assist unsatisfied customers like yourself in getting the word out. That would be your best bet rather than my idea.


  2. Sounds more like mechanics than window installers to me.

  3. Martin - I'd register a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Keep to the facts - just write down exactly what happened. You could also write something on Angie's List.
    Brother Kevin

  4. Alot of these labor forces are starting to downgrade in quality and it is indeed a bit upsetting when everyone around you claims to be a professional, insured, bonded, and experienced contractor/tradesmen. I feel your pain bro.

    -Solomon Berkovitch

  5. An uplifting update: I was able to install the window, myself, no thanks to Downeast Glass. I ordered the proper setting strip for the window, and got the pane set in the rail without too much trouble (and without having to set it "just right"). I still have the unopened tube of adhesive crap, which would have been impossible to use on the window.

    It just goes to show, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! If only we had the time to do everything.

  6. I recently had an absolutely terrible experience with the installation of my windshield and the poor customer service with Downeast Glass. I would NOT recommend anyone use Downeast Glass for any glass service. It was a very stressful experience to deal with their incompetent staff.