Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Temporal Element Submission Guidelines

Starting October 1, I'll be accepting submissions for a time travel oriented anthology called The Temporal Element: Tales of Time Travel Adventure, Past, Present, & Future.  In preparation for this grand endeavor, I'll now provide to you the full set of guidelines, which should prepare you to submit your stories when the time comes:

1:  Font:  Stories must be formatted in either Times New Roman or Courier New, single-spaced.  Do not add an extra space between paragraphs.  I know, a lot of writers separate their paragraphs into blocks, like they're writing a blog post.  It's something I'd just have to undo, so please don't submit it that way.

2: Keep your stories PG-13 or softer in nature.  While I'm putting together a collection for adults, I'm also seeking to assemble something that would be appropriate for high school students.  If you write the best piece of Erotica about a time traveling gigolo, more power to you, but it's not going to fit this market.

3:  Format stories as either a .doc or .rtf file format.  No .docx files!  I still use Windows XP, so if you send me a .docx file, I will not be able to read it.  Please, no argument about how "there's a patch for that."  I don't want .docx files, period, so make sure your file is in one of the aforementioned, acceptable formats.

4:  Word Length:  2,000-6,000 words preferred.  If a story is longer but of exceptional quality, it may gain acceptance, as well.  Likewise, a story under 2k may be accepted if it is really good, but generally I'm looking for stories within the word range.

5:  No Simultaneous Submissions.  I don't want to read the greatest story and accept it, only to find out that some other editor has bought the rights out from under me.  If you submit to this anthology, please have the courtesy to wait for a response before marketing it elsewhere.

6:  One Story At A Time:  If you have multiple stories you'd like to submit to the anthology, please send only one, to start.  I'll have a lot of stories to read through and prefer to see single story submissions.  After you get a response about your first story, you're free to submit another story, but editors only handle one at a time, generally.

7:  No Fan Fiction.  Though it may be tempting to write stories about your favorite tv show characters, there are copyrights and trademarks involved.  Even the best piece of fan fiction cannot be accepted.

8:  The submission period will be open October 1, 2012, and stay open until November 30, 2012.  An email address for submissions will be announced on this blog during the last week of September.

9:  Payment.  While Publication is the major form of pay, the editor would like to personally thank each accepted writer with the generous sum of 15 cents.  Yes, a nickel and a dime, but it's no ordinary pocket change.  Each accepted writer will receive a silver Winged Liberty (aka Mercury) Dime, and a Buffalo Nickel.  Why?  Because it's something different, and it'll be memorable.

Okay, I think that's everything.  I hope this will help prepare you for the forthcoming submissions period.  I look forward to reading through the many qualified stories, and selecting from amongst them.


  1. Oh thank you. I will mention this on both my blogs. The Life of a Novice Writer and Secondhand Shoes.

    Tweeted and FB.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Can't believe I forgot to pop by over the weekend. Glad you reminded me. I will have to get writing . . .

  3. I love writing short SF stories. I'll get started.