Sunday, May 5, 2013

2 New Anthologies from Martinus Publishing

It's barely May, but Martinus Publishing is gearing up for a new set of anthologies that will be opening for submissions in the fall.  There are a number of really great ideas still being bandied about, but there are two certain collections that will be assembled:

To Hell with Dante: A Cynical Afterlife Anthology— From evil men getting what they deserve, to super-villains facing their fate, and your run-of-the-mill demon facing the day, To Hell with Dante! seeks to feature cynical stories about the dark side of the afterlife.  Face your fears with a little farce and a touch of justice.  Is Hell a magical realm, or a bureaucratic morass?  Stretch your preconceptions, and explore the wacky world of the damned!

We Were Heroes: A Super-Powered Anthology—A collection all about super-powered individuals in their waning years.  Retired crime-fighters with special talents and technology, crusading vigilantes who find their bodies failing, and old warriors passing the torch to the next generation; this anthology will show us what life is like for these people as they get old.  Go beyond their heyday, and show what these legendary heroes will become.

There are currently 3 Martinus Publishing Anthologies accepting submissions:  VFW: Veterans of the Future Wars, Altered America, and Life of the Dead.  Once these anthologies begin to fill up (and I have more time to read for other collections), then you can expect To Hell With Dante and We Were Heroes to hit the scene.  Submissions will likely open sometime in September.  There are a few other concepts still on the drawing board, so keep your eyes open for even more from Martinus Publishing in the coming months.

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