Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two for Tuesday #7 and Book Winners!

We're only 2 days away from the official release of "Quests, Curses, & Vengeance."  As part of promoting this anthology, two lucky people on the Martinus Publishing newsletter email list have been selected (completely at random) to receive a free print copy.  And the winners are (cue drum-roll):

Jeffery Scott Sims
Raelene Purtill

Congratulations to our winners!  This is only the first giveaway of its kind, and I'm hoping to offer other such freebies to newsletter subscribers.  To get on the mailing list, go to the Martinus Publishing homepage and click the black bar on the left side of the page.  Put in your name and email address, and you're all set.  You'll receive the newsletter once a month, and be automatically entered into future drawing.

Now, onto the final "Two for Tuesday" paragraphs.  First off, we have the opening to "Curses May Not Be Returned, Refunded, or Exchanged," by Lauren A. Forry:

            It’s totally weird when you step into a room and literally everyone stops what they’re doing and starts clapping for you. Especially when a moment ago you were driving your car down Honeysuckle Street, the “room” is actually a cave engulfed in flames, and most of the people clapping look like extras from a community theater production of The Crucible.

            An old woman who could be my Grandma’s roommate in hospice hobbles over and shakes my hand with these crusty yellow fingernails.

And lastly, we have the first two paragraphs of "Revenge, Inc." by Nye Joell Hardy:

            Ed Wong had never intended to be in the business of revenge.  But what had started as a high school website of gag advice to deter bullies had unwittingly tapped a hidden treasure and was now, thirty years later, a multinational corporation.

            “Revenge,” Ed said to the client sitting in front of his Brazilian rosewood desk, “is a natural, basic human reflex.  If you think about it, bunnies don’t plot revenge against foxes—they just avoid them.  But our big human brains always want to make sure that the potential for future threats is nullified.”

There you have some excellent intros.  Now, get yourself a copy of "Quests,Curses, & Vengeance."   

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