Sunday, July 13, 2014

Life of the Dead, Released!

Everything has finally come together for "Life of the Dead," and I am pleased to announce its official release.  It is currently available for the kindle, and the print version should be on Amazon soon.  Also, you can always buy copies from Martinus Publishing for $12, which is 95 cents off the regular retail price.  As for ebooks, this volume will be exclusive to the kindle, as a kdp select version.

There are some really great stories in this collection, and it's not just a bunch of typical horror zombie stories.  These stories are very character driven, with elements of sci-fi that make them quite fun to read.  Speaking as someone who isn't the biggest fan of the "zombie" genre, these stories are really good.

Want to read a sample?  Check out Joseph Conat's contribution, Tickity-Tock, a different kind of detective story!

Don't let the cover fool you; this isn't just zombie stories.  A lot of the tales deal with death in other ways.  Check out the tableof contents for an added feel for the storylines.

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