Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yarr! A Space Pirate Anthology: Release Date & TOC Revealed.

I would like to thank all my readers and writers during this turbulent time in my life.  As life must go on, so must Martinus Publishing, and I am pleased to announce that the manuscript has been compiled for Yarr! A Space Pirate Anthology, and editing has now commenced.  I can now place the set-in-stone release date for this anthology to be June 1, 2015!  When we get closer to that release date, pre-orders will commence, so keep your eyes open for that.

The Table of Contents has now been finalized, and here for the first time is your glimpse at the compilation's stories:

1:  La Belle Dame Sans Merci –by Nye Joell Hardy
2:  Drawing A Line –by Dan Gainor
3:  Impunity –by Sophie Duncum & William Rade
4:  Space Pigs –by Katie Tillwick
5:  X Marks the Planet –by DJ Tyrer
6:  Back from the Dead Red –by Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi
7:  Demise of the Star Queen –by Frank Sawielijew
8:  Milt's Last Raid –by Jordan Legg
9:  When The Devil Drives –by Vincent Morgan
10:  Vendetta's End –by Martin T. Ingham
11:  Dusties –by Jeff Provine
12:  The Daring Spacers –by Sergio Palumbo
13:  Far, Far from Now –by Curtis James McConnell
14:  The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter –by Mary Pletsch
15:  Dear Madeline –by Joseph Conat
16:  The Harrowing Account of the Untimely Death of Bandit McGee, Space Thief Extraordinaire –by Fable Vayne
17:  For the Times They Are A-Changin' –By Bruno Lombardi

This would have been an 18 story anthology, but sadly 1 author got cold feet (repeatedly) and begged to be let loose from his signed agreement.  I will not give him the dignity of repeating his name in public, for risk that it might give him any publicity.  Needless to say, the offending writer doesn't deserve to be featured in a Martinus Publishing anthology, and never will.

On another note, there are still a few stories I need to approve for The Temporal Element II, We Were Heroes, and Altered Europa.  If you have a story submitted and haven't heard from me yet, do not fear.  I'll get to it by the end of the month.  This is a turbulent time for me, so please bear with me.

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