Friday, April 8, 2011

Giveaway Time!

The first book I had
published, way
back in 2007!
Yes, my friends, it is time at last. Yesterday, this blog reached 31 followers (on my birthday, no less). That means the free copy of Virtual Wiles shall be given away to one random blog follower. I have already placed the names in a hat and drawn the lucky winner, and I'll be announcing who that is once they get back to me.

I understand that some people may not want a free book. Strange, I know. Who wouldn't want a freebie? However, just in case our lucky winner doesn't want the book, I'm going to wait until they either send me their mailing address or officially turn down the offer before I make any announcement. If on the off-chance they don't want the book, I'll draw another name for the prize.

I'm hoping this goes off without a hitch, and our winner graciously accepts this book without question. In the future, I expect I'll run giveaways as I have in the past, where people must sign-up for the contest, rather than simply being entered as a blog follower. As the number of people visiting this blog increases, that makes more sense.

Either way, April's Magic Number giveaway is almost finished. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for future contests. You might just get lucky!

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