Friday, October 7, 2011

New Posting Schedule

Over the last month or so, my posting schedule has been a bit off.  While I've kept up with the Minstrel Monday posts, my Friday Musings have been off on occasion (mostly when West of the Warlock weekly updates were being posted).  Most of all, I haven't had time to write up a bunch of reviews, not while I'm working on completing The Curse of Selwood, and other various projects.  There will be more random reviews in the future, but it isn't fair to have the feature listed on the blog, so I've adjusted things.

You can see the new schedule to the right.  Minstrel Mondays are staying, as are Family Sunday columns.  Taking the place of Random Reviews are "Wednesday Sneak Peeks," which will highlight little bits of my various writings.  This will be something I am capable of supplying on a regular basis, even when I am booked up with other work.  Whenever I have a pertinent review to give, it can be placed on any old day, or take the place of my Friday post.

Be sure to return to the blog every Wednesday for a new look at my writing.

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