Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Longshot Attempt

Life has been getting busy for me lately, as I continue to write and work at various other jobs and projects.  After the long blogging campaign of April's A to Z challenge, I needed a bit of a break, and as things continue to be hectic at times, I may not always manage to stick to the blog's posting schedule.  It is important to prioritize, and while I do not wish to disappoint those of you who are interested in reading the blog, it can't always take precedence over other things in life.

A couple of days ago, I started work on another exciting project.  You all should know about the West of the Warlock television project by now, which has thus far gone no farther than the production of a script.  Seeking to broaden my chances for cinematic success, I am now working on the pilot script for The Rogue Investigations television project.

Friends and readers have long commented that The Rogue Investigations would make a great tv series, more so than my other works.  The chapters contained within the book are written in episodic format to begin with, so it won't take much to adapt them to scripts.  There are a few things I plan to do differently in the script than what is written in the book, though the general theme will be the same; Zachary McCain and John Rage, with Detective Amanda Alfaro in tow, will investigate the paranormal, seeking to expose the truth behind unexplained phenomena and supernatural entities.

Whether the show will ever be made is anyone's guess, but a longshot is better than no shot.  If I write the script, the option will be there for any executive with the inclination to take a chance on me.  All it takes in this business is the right industry professional to have faith in your work.  With any luck, that right person will discover The Rogue Investigations someday soon.

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