Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Triple (2)

Well, last Tuesday's inaugural post for this feature seemed to be well-received.  I'll keep producing these for the time being, and hope it will keep people engaged while I work through a dry period in my blogging life.

So, without delay, here are the 3 random songs that came up this morning:

All Over My Head –Matthew Sweet:  Here's a quaint rock song from his Blue Sky on Mars album.  While it's a pretty catchy tune, it never quite hit the threshold of "hit."  When rating his songs, this one always came near the top of the second round of selections, and might fit in well with a "Best of Matthew Sweet, Volume 2" if ever such an album were released.  Enjoyable, and worth a listen, most certainly.

Tightrope –Electric Light Orchestra:  The first track on the breakthrough "A New World Record" album, which brought ELO into the second half of the 70's.  While still utilizing orchestration and Beatles-esque styling, this album started to contain a little more of a contemporary sound, less like "the 60's part-2" and more like the modern rock of that time.  This song was always one of my favorites as a kid, as it is upbeat, fast-paced, with some classical flourishes.  It's still a 5-star song in my book.

One Summer Dream –Electric Light Orchestra:  Jumping back to the previous album, "Face the Music," we have a soft, melancholy song which can stir some touching emotions or put you to sleep, depending on your mood.  After hearing the first two songs in this week's triple, this one cools everything down nicely.

Once again, if you have these songs handy, give them a listen.  If not, maybe go out and find them (legally), and then see what you think of them.  Until next week, keep on listening...

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