Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Curse of Selwood (Week 6)

Today, we reach the end of our free installments for the second Fantasy Western novel.  Witness the unexpected shock and horror in part six, "Hanging Party," which sets things up for the rest of the book that will be coming out shortly.  Also, if you've missed any of the previous five chapters, they're still available to read for free at Hall Brothers Entertainment!

If you aren't excited to read the rest of this book after going through these first six freebies, check your pulse and seek medical attention, for you might be on the verge of death.  Well, that, or you just don't like fantasy fiction... but, then, why would you be reading a Fantasy Western?  Oh, heck, just buy the book when it comes out!

As we wait for the official release, do you have any questions/speculations about the rest of the story?  Feel free to share.

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