Friday, February 8, 2013

V.F.W: A New Martinus Publishing Anthology

An idea came to me the other day, and I feel there is no time to waste.  Therefore, I am pleased to announce another Martinus Publishing anthology which will be open to submissions starting tomorrow (February 9, 2013).

War is Hell; always has been, always will be.  No one knows this better than the brave souls who have worn the uniform and fought for their fellow countrymen—the soldiers of America, Great Britain, France, Canada, Australia, and many other bastions of freedom.  The veterans of the past have defined our present, and without their sacrifices we would all be slaves to evil regimes and petty despots who care nothing for liberty or human life.  Our veterans are true heroes.

Veterans of the Future Wars is an anthology dedicated to honoring those who fight (and have fought) for our country and our freedoms; telling tales of their future counterparts combating everything from alien invasions, to home-grown dictators, and all manner of enemies.  The future has untold struggles ahead, and we are ever in the need of those who are willing to serve and sacrifice.  They shall not be forgotten.

Within these pages shall be Science Fiction stories of valor, honor, and distinction, recounting the hard-fought struggles of future veterans, be they on the battlefield or on the homefront afterwards.  Tug at our heartstrings, make us cheer or cry, or share an exciting adventure to thrill the senses.

Speaking to the creation of this anthology, I've long held a great deal of reverence for our military veterans.  I have known many of them over the years, and I would like to create something they can enjoy.  Putting together a collection of futuristic sci-fi stories about people like them is my minor contribution to the world at large.

If you want to write for this anthology, follow the guidelines at the submissions page.

*Please note that this anthology is in no way connected to the satirical organization "Veterans of Future Wars," that existed for a brief period during the mid 1930's.

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