Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two for Tuesday #5

This time around, we have a pair of opening paragraphs from stories by a single author, Edmund Wells.  First off, there's "All That Glitters"

Floppy green cap cocked over one eye, Bladeor whistled a merry tune as he ambled along the forest path, watchful—ironically—for robbers.

Had his recent tavern acquaintance been less fond of Xohmin ale, or more wary of strangers, the little fellow might have retained the treasure that Bladeor now had nine-tenths of the law on. He patted the scroll case at his hip while twirling a shiny golden-green key, sparkling with magic.

Second, we have the beginning of "Are You Worthy?"

Angelo Corrado awoke to the blare of Ozzy’s Crazy Train, his alarm flashing the crimson numerals 7:06, which in real-world numbers meant six hours and sixty-six minutes, or 6:66.

Pretty cool.

Some interesting snippets to tempt the readers.  For more of these stories, pick up Quests,Curses, & Vengeance.

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