Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Poem: Ode to the Absent Fallen

It's Veterans Day again (or Armistice Day, as my Great-Grandfather Ned would insist).  In honor of those who have served, those who have fought, those who have fallen, here is a piece of poetry I was inspired to write while visiting a cemetery not so long ago.

The flags flutter in the breeze,
symbols of memory,
of passed away dreams.
The heroes, the fallen,
those who have gone,
will a final rest ever truly be known?

I sit and I wonder
where have you gone?
Is it a far better meeting
or more a tribulation tone?
Will I know it all soon
or be condemned to ignorance
for the weeping we've sown?

For the days have gone too soon;
as I look at the stones
my mind hearkens back to you,
forever alone.
A day come and gone;
I'll miss you, you know,
but we'll someday find solace
in the truth we have known

I leave you with these words;
come back home.

Do something to honor a Veteran today.  We owe them!

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