Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our Heroes Through Tomorrow (Cover Reveal & Pre-Order)

It has been a long month since I last posted to the blog, and in that time I have had some great progress with the new Author Spotlight series, and have in fact completed work on the 2nd volume in this set.  Without further ado, I am pleased to share with you the cover for "Our Heroes Through Tomorrow," a collection of stories by Dan Gainor:
Cover art by Mirko Calusic
 This fantastic collection includes some of Dan's greatest short stories.  If you haven't encountered his fiction before, you really must have a look at what wonders he weaves!  Here are the six stories contained in this collection:

Unintended Consequences
 In a future where nuclear weapons no longer function, conventional warfare rears its ugly head as America becomes the target of a hostile invasion, and a young computer wiz finds himself in the thick of the fight.

We The People
 A billionaire rancher seeks to rekindle the spirit of America... by cloning the Founding Fathers!

Soul Tracker
 A science-fiction epic of alien worlds, conjoined souls, and one man's quest to become the ultimate warrior.

Original Sin
 College students set out on a quest to prove that time travel is possible, only to find themselves stranded in an all too familiar past, with a crucial decision to make about altering fate.

Just Desserts
 Aliens seek to neutralize the "human threat" through a virus that makes "zombies" all too real... only, what will be the true consequence of this bio-warfare?

Drawing A Line
 In a future where humanity is conquered and fragmented amidst the stars, the last soldiers must hold the line between warrior and pirate as they struggle to fight for freedom and survival.

This story collection is an Amazon Kindle exclusive, and is currently available for pre-order.  (GET YOUR COPY RIGHT HERE)  Reserving a copy will assure that you receive this book on September 2, 2016, the official release day!

I am hopeful that this collection will have many readers.  Martinus Publishing needs a new hit, and these stories deserve the exposure.  If the Author Spotlight series takes off, it will facilitate further investment in future collections.  I am hopeful for commercial success, but as always, I remain committed to publishing stories that I enjoy and love to read.  Sales merely make it easier to do that.

The third volume in the Author Spotlight series is currently in the works, and I'll have more news about that release as we get closer to Fall.

Let's see where this road will lead us...

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