Saturday, July 7, 2012

Edits, Forthcoming Releases, and There's Still Room

The Summer Shootout writing contest will be kicking off a week from today, and there is still room for those who want to join.  With publication on the line, any writer who has the time should really give it a shot.  The sign-up thread with all the details is here.

Well, it has been an interesting week, with the Independence Day parade, and all the little happenings in my life.  I've managed to get a bit of editing done on several things, though new writing has been limited.

The final edits for The Curse of Selwood were completed a few days ago, and soon we'll be seeing the first sample chapters appearing online, as we build up to the book's publication.  Unlike West of the Warlock, which had most of the story released for free, this second installment will not be given away.  Even with the large amount of unreleased material that still exists in the first book, there is a complete story told via the free episodes, so people are less inclined to purchase the remainder of it (though we are still selling quite a few).  With the Curse of Selwood, the plan is to release enough of it to give everyone a generous sample online (perhaps as many as 6 chapters), and the balance will be left for those who want to buy the published book and finish reading the tale.

I have also finished my last round of author edits for the 3rd book in the West of the Warlock series.  In addition to polishing it up to the best of my ability, I have given the book a new title, which I expect far surpasses it's previous moniker, "The Six-Gun Conjurer."  Henceforth, the book will be entitled, "The Man Who Shot Thomas Edison."  I know, that gives a little something away, but it also makes you wonder, doesn't it?  I expect the label alone will spur a number of sales for this exciting work, which I consider to be the best book in the series thus far.  We're still looking at an early 2013 release for this one, possibly around springtime.

With any luck, the editing process will help to spur my creative juices anew.  I'm going to tackle revisions on the largely unfinished Time Traveler's Illegal Harem this weekend, and see what can be done to bring it up to publishable status.  It's a very complicated tale, one that deserves to be told.  There aren't enough Time Travel stories out there, in my opinion.  Let's see if we can't remedy that.

4th of July Parade bonus picture:  Busta the Clown.
I'd pick him in a fistfight over Stephen King any day!

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