Monday, January 7, 2013

Hit of the Month

As Martinus Publishing moves forward, I'm hoping to start some new promotional features to help draw interest to the website and expand readership.  One major feature I'm hoping to start is something I'm dubbing "Hit of the Month."  Basically, I'll be picking a short story to display as the "hit," something that has piqued my interest and entertained me.  It will be highly arbitrary, and it's not to say that these "hit" stories are superior to anything else that's coming across my desk.  It'll just be something I liked, and decided to share as a promotional tool for Martinus Publishing books.

This is something that I hope to start as early as February, and the first story will be one that has been accepted to The Temporal Element anthology.  Most of the "hit" stories will likely come from anthology submissions, but in addition to the hits we'll also have a special preview run of shorts from the anthologies prior to their release.  Those will come out one per week for four or five weeks.  I anticipate those to start sometime in March, assuming all goes well.  This way, people will have the chance to sample what they'll be buying.

Yes, things will come together for Martinus Publishing.

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