Saturday, February 23, 2013

Interviews In March

As we near the official release date of The Temporal Element (April 1, 2013), I have several exciting features to spur interest in the collection of stories and the authors who contributed to this fantastic anthology.  One thing that will start on March 1 will be a series of interviews that I'm currently doing with the contributors.  So far, 19 of the 20 authors have volunteered for questioning (myself included—that ought to be fun, questioning myself).  This means we will have several interviews posted on the blog each and every week throughout March!

While many of the questions will be the same for each author, I'm also drafting at least one unique question for each person, pertaining especially to them in some way.  Believe it or not, it has taken quite a bit of planning to organize this.

So, I hope everyone will stop by the blog on March 1 to read our very first interview.  Remember, you can pre-order The Temporal Element anytime, and now order with a convenient paypal checkout!  Just click the button at the Martinus Publishing store.

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