Monday, February 4, 2013

The Temporal Element Table of Contents

Over the weekend, I finished the selection process for The Temporal Element, and have chosen the stories to be included!  Formatting is currently underway, but it is now time to reveal the names of those fantastic stories and talented authors who will be featured in this collection:

1:  A Thursday Night at Doctor What’s Time             
    and Relative Dimensional Space Bar and Grill
            —by Bruno Lombardi
2:  Harry and Harry –by Arthur M. Doweyko
3:  The Light Fantastic –by Edmund Wells
4:  I'll Come Back for You—by A. C. Hall
5:  Time Heals All—by Paul Lamb
6:  The Long View—by William R. D. Wood
7:  Back in Time—by Carolyn M. Chang
8:  Brigadooned!—by James Hartley
9:  A Home More Welcoming—by Tony Laplume
10: The Killing of Yesterday—by Martin T. Ingham
11: Temsy—by Robert MacAnthony
12: AMR-17—by Edmund Wells
13: Doing Time—by Barbara Austin
14: One Last Gamble—by Shawn Cook
15: What Would You Ask Yourself?—by Karl G. Rich
16: The City at the End of Time—by Jeffery Scott Sims
17: Paradox Lost—by Diane Arrelle
18: Extinction—by Steven Gepp
19: There's an App for That—by Chris Allinotte
20:  Is the Caller There?—by Jon Wesick
21:  Application of the Novikov Self-Consistency Conjecture
        to the Daily Commute of One David Jensen
            -by Lauren A. Forry

There it is, 21 exceptional stories from 20 different authors.  Remember that you can Pre-Order the anthology.  See details at the Store.

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