Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jerked Around

The worst part about being sick is the way emotions seem to be heightened.  Often when I am ill, I find myself feeling raw in a mental sense.  Emotions are enhanced, and my control over them is diminished.  It's a strange state of being.

The worst thing is, it seems as if the world goes out of its way to provoke me and make me feel bad when I'm sick.  It's like everything around me starts reacting to my physical condition, and seeks to make my mental state equally pained.

One thing that is really bothering me is UPS.  They were supposed to deliver a package here on Monday, but whoever they had driving never came to my house.  Fortunately, my father was able to track it down on Wednesday (just as I was writing this post).  UPS left it at another house ¼ of a mile away!  Some people just don't give a damn, and this isn't the first time a UPS driver has conveniently dumped my package somewhere it wasn't supposed to go.  Last December, they lost a car window I ordered.  After filing a claim and waiting two weeks, the package finally appeared on my doorstep, but the delay was a nuisance.  This current package is even more critical, as it contains a generator for my '56 Fairlane.  The one currently in the car is screaming from bad bearings, so I can't drive it until this replacement is installed.  Just as soon as I'm feeling better, that's the first thing I'll be doing.

There was absolutely no excuse for me being jerked around like this.  UPS has delivered 2 other packages to my house in the last 2 weeks, so they know where I live.  Obviously, they had a different driver on Monday who didn't know the area and didn't care where they dropped the box.  It's not like my house is hard to find.  There's a big sign that says "INGHAM" right out front, with the house number right above it.

So, that's one of the things that has me feeling emotionally ill.  Another is the fact that ebay stopped forwarding messages to my email account for some damn reason.  I was contacting the seller of the generator on Tuesday, trying to get him to file a UPS claim (in order to track down the package). I thought he hadn't replied to my first message about filing a claim with UPS, so I sent him another one, only to find out that ebay's stupid system wasn't forwarding his replies.  I found his replies on ebay's messages page later, but now I feel like a fool.  Even worse, the package turned ups a few hours after he put in the claim, but that's really the fault of UPS for delivering the package to the wrong house.

Hopefully, I won't have to deal with much else over the next few days, as this virus runs its course.

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  1. Just stopping by from the A-Z Challenge list to say "Hi"

    Theres nothing worse than being Jerked Around when you're ill :( Hope you feel better soon.

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge :)