Friday, March 7, 2014

Altered America: Cover and Contents

Martinus Publishing’s next collection of short stories will be coming out at the end of March.  Altered America is 21 excellent alternate history tales that focus on "what might have been" in North America if fate had been a little different.  It has been a long and arduous process to put this collection together, but I think the end result is worth it.  A few of the stories needed some real editing, while others merely needed your basic proofreading.  Altogether, they posit some fascinating scenarios.

To the right is the final front cover design, illustrated by Yakir Ben Haim and now with new lettering by Jackson Kuhl, who also happens to have the first story in the collection.  I had picked this particular story to kick off the collection even before he offered to “augment” the cover lettering, just in case anyone’s wondering.  You can read Jackson Kuhl’s story, “Rio Grande,” here throughout the month of March.

Now, without further delay, here is a complete table of contents, with story placement:

1:   Rio Grande –by Jackson Kuhl 
2:   We the People –by Dan Gainor
3:   A Single Decision –by Bruno Lombardi
4:   What If... The Louisiana Purchase Never Happened  –by  Edmund Wells
5:   The Orthogonian –by Sam Kepfield
6:   Revolution 1865 –by Brad Hafford
7:   Ship of Souls –by Erik Bundy
8:   End of the Rainbow –by Dusty Wallace
9:   The Loyalist Washington –by Owen Morgan
10:  Guns of the Green Mountains –by Ryan McCall
11:  The Shining Path –by Jason Sharp
12:  The Union Forever –by Sean Menken
13:  Goodbye, Norma Jean –by William R.D. Wood
14:  Wild Blue –by Jeff Provine
15:  Avoid Seeing a Mouse –by James S. Dorr
16:  Thomas Edison Visits Selwood –by Martin T. Ingham
17:  Divided States of America –by Lauren A. Forry
18:  A Girl’s Best Friend –by Cyrus P. Underwood
19:  The Lights on Broadway –by Charles Wilcox
20:  The Black Blizzard –by Philip Overby
21:  The Road Was Lit With Moon and Star –by Bruno Lombardi

You can read brief tag lines for each story at the book’s listing on the Martinus website.  You can also pre-order the book there, for a limited-time discount.

I’ll have some other interesting news about Martinus Publishing coming up in the next few weeks.  Be sure to subscribe to the Martinus email newsletter, to stay up to speed on publishing developments.  Visit and click the newsletter sign-up button on the left side of the page.

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