Monday, February 13, 2012

I'd Give Up Eternity (Minstrel Mondays)

Here's a pretty personal poem that I wrote for my wife shortly after we first fell in love (wow, it's been over 10 years now).  It was a time that certainly changed my life, and led me down a far different path that I had been on beforehand.  So, after nearly 11 years in a drawer, here's a piece of poetry I hope anyone who has ever been in love can understand.

I love loving you
as I've never loved before.
So long I've been forgotten,
yet now thanks to you I'm found.
Please never let me go,
for I cannot imagine the pain.

It hurts to think you'll ever be gone,
for my once dead heart
has now been reborn
and only you can keep it alive.
Stay with me as long as you can.
Never betray me,
and stay forever true,
for we can never escape this
high we've fallen into.

I ask the powers that be
that time will not take us away
from one another again,
because life would be nothing
if I can't share it with you.

Everything I have,
it seems so little.
Compared to you,
it all is nothing.

Not long before we met
I held the universe in my hands,
I felt the very breadth of existence
lurking in my mind,
I knew such the answers,
tasted spiritual truth,
yet all it did was lead me to you.
The facts of heaven were
at my fingertips,
and fantastic figures waited
willing to tell them all.
But now that I have you,
it all faded into irrelevancy.
I've given up the secrets of eternity,
just so we may be together,
if only for our lifetimes.

True love is so wholly illogical,
but fun to an absolute.
Maybe I've been a spirit far too long,
and it's time I enjoyed my human fate.
My soul can wait,
we'll be one once again,
but for now I just want to live.
The future may be uncertain,
but with you it can't be too bad.

I'll share with you the secrets of me,
and together, perhaps later,
we can proceed as once I had planned.
But for now, I only want to be with you.
Eternity can wait,
forever, if necessary,
and I'll leave it up to you.
Shall we give the world the truth it needs,
or let it wait in blissful ignorance?
Only you and I can decide.

I'd rather be here
with you in my arms
than flying with the angels any day.

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