Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Dollar Reviews

As we get closer to the release of The Curse of Selwood, sales of its predecessor, West of the Warlock, continue to rise.  I can say without any doubt that more people have read my first Fantasy Western novel than any of my other works, yet of all my published books it is the only one lacking Amazon reviews.  Out of all the people who have purchased it over the last year, nobody has taken the time to post one there.

It's no secret that reviews sell books, and I believe this book would sell even more copies if some people spread the good word about it.  Since appealing to people's good nature has thus far failed, I'll fall back on the old standby: money!

Now, I don't want fake reviews, and I'm not capable of forking over large sums of money for reviews.  However, anyone who has purchased West of the Warlock from Amazon and takes the time to post a review (thereby having a review of a "confirmed purchase") will receive $1 from me in gratuity.  That means anyone who buys the Kindle version from will get a 33% rebate for posting a review.  That isn't shabby, and you'll have the book to enjoy, as well.

This is a serious offer for those who read and enjoy my work enough to post a review.  However, 1-star & 2-star reviews will not qualify for the payment.  If you honestly hate West of the Warlock, venting your frustration should be payment enough.  For those of you who actually enjoy the book, the dollar is just a little thank you.

If you have already purchased West of the Warlock from Amazon, post your review there today, and if you haven't bought it yet, pick up a copy now.  Remember, The Curse of Selwood will be released momentarily, so read the first book in the series in preparation for the fantastic sequel!

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