Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Tuesday Triple (6)

Here we are, on another Tuesday morning.  I'm feeling pretty tired right now, as my back has been aching much of the night.  It is being a real bother lately, but it's something I'll just have to live with for the time being.  It only hurts when I'm lying down for extended periods, anyway.

All right, let's see what pops up this morning.

It Came out of the SkyCredence Clearwater Revival:  This is quite a spirited song for the morning.  Good beat, rousing, and humorous.  This is one of their better tunes.  Yes, I'd say this is worth listening to.

Out of TouchDarryl Hall & John Oates:  Here's a typical mid-80s tune.  Not really a bad song, but first thing in the morning? 

Daytime Nighttime SufferingPaul McCartney & Wings:  One of McCartney's B-sides.  Not something I'd call a favorite, but it's better than most of the junk people put out these days.

Okay, this week we had one really good song and a couple of okay selections.  Enjoy the rest of the week!

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