Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Stuff for the New Year

Here we are, the year 2013.  We're almost a quarter of the way through the twenty-first century.  Oh, what amazing future times we live in.  Even without flying cars, magical food dispensers,  and personal jetpacks, there are many marvels to behold.  Of course, there's still a lot of work to do, and plenty of innovation to come, assuming we don't fall off into a new dark age due to societal mismanagement.

With that being said, I'd like to make a few predictions for 2013.  Some of these are dead serious, others are tongue-in-cheek.  Either way, they're all possible in some reality.

1:  Chevrolet will begin to make money again after the US Government sells off their interest in the company.  Meanwhile, Chrysler will fail to gain market share with a new eco-friendly vehicle called the Squirrel, colloquially known as the "Squirt."

2:  The price of milk will go to $7 a gallon, but gasoline will stay around $4, while Gold will climb to around $2,000 US per ounce.

3:  Scott Brown will win another Senate race in Massachusetts, this time claiming the seat vacated by new Secretary of State John Kerry.

4:  New gun control laws will fail to pass the Congress, but President Obama will sign an executive order, bypassing the House & Senate, in order to further restrict gun rights in America.  NRA membership will surpass 6 million members.

5:  Proof of Aliens visiting Earth will not come to light, leaving conspiracy theorists and Coast-to-Coast AM listeners dumbfounded.

6:  Hollywood will continue to ignore my works, failing to turn West of the Warlock into a hit television series (millions of dollars fail to materialize for all parties who could be involved).  Tv scripts continue to gather dust on my hard drive.

7:  Maine will make headlines as it becomes the first State in the nation to legalize Polygamy.

8:  The Oscars will hit an all time low for ratings.

9:  Queen Elizabeth II will continue to live, despite an unexpected health scare.

10:  Mick Jagger will be arrested for something.

11:  A Martinus Publishing author will be nominated for a Hugo award.

12:  The world will continue to suffer as both Star Trek and Stargate fail to come back on television with new series.

13:  Doctors will create a viable embryo for a human/dog hybrid and bring the fetus to term, producing an unholy beast with an uncanny resemblance to the 1980's tv character Alf!

So, out of these 13 wild predictions, are there any predictions on how many will come true?  Time will be the judge...


  1. Michael Dorn is trying really hard to correct #12.

    1. I would like nothing better than to be wrong on several of these predictions, #12 especially. The viewing market is just ripe for a new Star Trek series. If Worf can pull it off, all the better!

  2. Hello Martin,
    Your 13 prediction really wild.Nice article you gift here. Times going to hell.