Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year and New Anthologies

It’s 2014, and the fun has just begun!  I still have a final “Ice Storm Chronicles” post to share at some point, along with some very pretty pictures of the icy devastation, but that will have to wait.  Right now, it’s about time we got back to Martinus Publishing and the anthologies that will be coming out in the next couple of months.

Over the last 48 hours, I have burned my eyes and brain, reading through the last flood of submissions that came in this past week.  I have only 1 more story to read for Altered America, and the pile will be filed.  I still have quite a few stories for the other anthologies (Life of the Dead, To Hell with Dante, & We Were Heroes), but after this last batch of slush I may take a break tomorrow.

So, how are things shaping up?  Well, the Veterans of the Future Wars anthology is now in the middle of formatting, with the final stories added, bringing the total to 16 stories, 234 pages, and just shy of 88,000 words in length.  The submissions for this anthology weren’t as heavy as Altered America, but many of them were a bit longer, as military sci-fi often is.  I expect to have the final formatting for the manuscript done next week, and pre-orders will be accepted after that.  We’re looking at a February 14 publication date for VFW.

Altered America, meanwhile, is currently sitting at 21 stories.  The word and page count will be known once I get to the formatting process, which will probably be later in the month.  Probable release date for Altered America will be the end of March.  This anthology will see several recurrent Martinus authors, including Bruno Lombardi, Lauren A. Forry, and Edmund Wells, among others.  We also have some exceptional new talent contributing to this collection, so it’s bound to be a hit.  There will be plenty of time to share teasers of the various alternate histories contained within this tome, so keep your eyes peeled for future updates!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am in need of a well-earned break.  The rigors of editing can be exhausting.

For our open anthologies, see Martinus Publishing Submissions Guidelines

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  1. Congratulations on the anthologies! I know another science fiction author that puts together at least one anthology a year and it sounds like a huge production.