Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Martinus Books for Soldiers

In February, the VFW:Veterans of the Future Wars anthology will be released, becoming Martinus Publishing’s 4th short story collection and the first release of 2014.  This collection was first envisioned to be a tribute to the men and women of America’s armed forces (and allied soldiers worldwide).  The stories contained in this collection are respectful of the soldiers and veterans who serve.  Some are exciting and adventurous, others are insightful and introspective, examining the hearts and minds of future soldiers and veterans.

I’ve known many veterans over the years, and always held the greatest respect for those who have served in the armed forces.  That was the impetus for this collection; an anthology to both honor veterans and to showcase entertaining military science fiction.  I expect this will satisfy on both counts.

Now, I would like to go one step further in helping to get these stories, and other Martinus titles, into the hands of our soldiers and veterans.  To that end, I will need your help.  There is only so much a single man and a small press publisher can afford to do, but with your assistance we can spread the word.

There are many good groups out there who help to supply the wants and needs of active duty military personnel.  One in particular is, where military personnel post requests for various books and other items.  Some want specific titles, others ask for various genres or themed material.  There are many American soldiers across the globe who would enjoy reading VFW or other Martinus titles, if only someone would send those books.

If you’re involved in donating books to soldiers yourself (or decide you want to start doing it), you can purchase books from MartinusPublishing to send.  If you purchase multiple copies of any title, there will be a discount.  Just email info (at) regarding bulk pricing.

If, on the other hand, you’d like to help but don’t want the hassle of packing and shipping books yourself, considering buying Martinus titles and asking that they be donated.  Any book purchased from our website can be “gifted” to the troops.  Just put a note in the comment box during the paypal checkout, saying you want your purchase to be a donation.  Any books purchased in this manner will be given to soldiers or veterans desiring the reading material.

Regardless of the number of sales/donations that come in from this request, I will personally be sending Martinus titles to soldiers.  They’re fighting for us, and they deserve every bit of support we can send them.  The momentary escape of a good book could make a world of difference in their lives.

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