Thursday, March 27, 2014

Coming Soon: Snake Oil by Bruno Lombardi

Martinus Publishing is pleased to announce that Bruno Lombardi’s novel, Snake Oil, will be released in the near future.  This wacky, cynical sci-fi story was originally published (electronically only) by a now defunct publisher.  Martinus is poised to give it a more substantial release, in both print and electronic formats.

Here is the current back cover blurb:

When the first aliens come to Earth, it is not with altruism or malicious intent, but with profit in mind.  Their arrival presents great opportunities for humanity, with the offer of miracle cures and advanced technology... for the right price!  What will a nation pay for exclusive rights to end cancer, or to possess the first interstellar spaceship?  Only mining rights to the moon, or perhaps a few metric tons of gold—as a good faith deposit.  Bids run fast and furiously among many industrialized nations, but not everyone is invited to participate, seeding greater global tensions.

As the nations of the planet sell the solar system’s resources for a shot at tomorrow, there remain those few individuals with suspicions, but still others with almost religious devotion toward “the Visitors.”  Stuck in the middle is Michael Baldwin, Special Assistant Advisor to the President for Alien/Human Policy Affairs.  Sometimes feeling in over his head, he is afforded opportunities few humans could have ever dreamed of, but at what price?  The answer will lead him to the truth of Earth’s alien benefactors, and an unlikely meeting of madmen at the crux of a madcap investigation.

Snake Oil is a cynical sci-fi story of humanity’s First Contact with an alien race.  Full of comic relief and zany characters, it is a compelling exploration of what could happen if Earth’s first alien visitors turn out to be a bit more like us, after all.

The last round of editing is now complete, and cover artwork is currently being created. With any luck everything will be set for a late April 2014 release.

Those who would like to check out other stories by Bruno Lombardi can acquire these anthologies:

Altered America:  Contains 2 of Bruno’s stories: A Single Decision, and The Road Was Lit with Moon and Star

Quests, Curses, & Vengeance:  Contains Bruno Lombardi’s Gold Fever.

The Temporal Element: Contains Bruno’s story, A Thursday Night at Doctor What’s Time and Relative Dimensional Space Bar and Grill, which is also available in TheBest of Martinus Publishing, 2013.
Bruno Lombardi in his "bunker."

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