Sunday, June 15, 2014

Life of the Dead Update & Contents

It has been far too long since I posted to the blog, as work and life's many activities keep me busy.  Much is happening, and time seems to get away from me at this time of year.

The final formatting for the Life of the Dead anthology is nearing completion, and I can safely say that the collection of stories will be published in July.  I’m sorry to say it will be 1 story shorter than I had planned, as someone who promised me a story ended up bailing on me.  Even without that final addition, we’re still looking at over 90,000 words, as a couple of these selections are lengthy.

So, here is the final table of contents:

1:  Living Ever After –by Emily Swaim
2:  Last Request –by Edmund Wells
3:  Stiffed –by Ken MacGregor and Kerry G.S. Lipp
4:  Death Insurance –by L. Rigdon
5:  The Future –by Mark Olivares
6:  Tickity-Tock –by Joseph Conat
7:  Girls Gone Dead –by James S. Dorr
8:  And Then There Were None –by Karl G. Rich
9:  Cure –by Jay Wilburn
10:  The Miracle of Death –by Edmund Wells
11:  Zombie Zoo –by Tim Mucci
12:  The Shombie Apocalypse –by Neal Wooten
13:  Dead Thoughts –by Ross Baxter
14:  Z1 –by JL Mo
15:  Just Another Friday Night –by David Greske
16:  The Quantum Dead –by Larry Hinkle
17:  Dread Man Walking –by Barry Rosenberg
18:  Beau –by Lauren A. Forry
19:  Soul Tracker –by Dan Gainor

I plan to have some tag lines for each story to describe their content in the next week or two.  As intended, most of these stories have a science-fictional element, and aren’t your typical zombie gore-fest (though there are still elements of horror and the horrific, obviously).

Pre-orders for Life of the Dead will open up toward the end of June.

Cover art by Tito Miranda

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