Saturday, June 28, 2014

Life of the Dead Stories and Pre-Order Offer

The final formatting for Life of the Dead is now complete, so the book is available for pre-order.  It's only $12, so reserve your copy today here.

Of course, I'm sure you'd like to learn a little more about the contents, so here's the story list, along with brief descriptions:

1:  Living Ever After –by Emily Swaim
When the plague of death infects humanity, Evelyn Lifor fights for a cure, but not everyone wants to be cured.

2:  Last Request –by Edmund Wells
An undead comedian runs afoul of angry country folk, and has one last shot at the spotlight.

3:  Stiffed –by Ken MacGregor and Kerry G.S. Lipp
Jason wakes up dead, but for how long?

4:  Death Insurance –by L. Rigdon
After a fatal accident, Samuel Hinkley finds that his death insurance premium has been misplaced by computer error, forcing him to wade through a sea of bureaucracy to claim his rightful rest.

5:  The Future –by Mark Olivares
Amidst the zombie apocalypse, there lurks a new sort of hunter.

6:  Tickity-Tock –by Joseph Conat
Detectives are on the hunt for a criminal intent on utilizing zombies as a deadly weapon.

7:  Girls Gone Dead –by James S. Dorr
Undead models make a modest profit for this professional photographer.

8:  And Then There Were None –by Karl G. Rich
Years beyond the zombie wars, a top-secret research group hunts for answers amidst the Siberian permafrost.

9:  Cure –by Jay Wilburn
To defeat the zombie menace, great sacrifices must be made, and the cure could be a deadly one!

10:  The Miracle of Death –by Edmund Wells
When an eccentric old doctor promises the story of a lifetime, one ambitious young reporter seeks to make a name for herself.

11:  Zombie Zoo –by Tim Mucci
On a distant colony world, the remnants of the great zombie plague remain as a fading attraction to space-faring tourists.

12:  The Shombie Apocalypse –by Neal Wooten
Questions and controversy plague a society where only women are affected by the zombie affliction.

13:  Dead Thoughts –by Ross Baxter
A legendary crime boss hires a college student to perform a controversial experiment on his zombified daughter—to unlock her dead thoughts!

14:  Z1 –by JL Mo
The Sauntess race came to Earth with the promise of peace, only to infect mankind with a deadly virus, one they are desperate to cure.

15:  Just Another Friday Night –by David Greske
A macabre ensemble gathers for drinks and poker at the local cemetery.

16:  The Quantum Dead –by Larry Hinkle
Theoretical physics play a role in explaining the lives and motivations of the undead.

17:  Dread Man Walking –by Barry Rosenberg
Cursed with a horrible disease, one scientist develops a lethal cure for himself.

18:  Beau –by Lauren A. Forry
What happens to man's best friend when the zombie apocalypse strikes?

19:  Soul Tracker –by Dan Gainor
A science-fiction epic of alien worlds, conjoined souls, and one man's quest to become the ultimate warrior.

There you have it in a nutshell.  When you're ready to buy, head over to the book's description page and click the handy paypal link.  Shipping is free for delivery in the USA.

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