Saturday, August 9, 2014

Revealed: To Hell with Dante stories!

At long last, the final story has been locked in, and I can now announce the following table of contents for “To Hell with Dante.”

1:  Woman, Thy Name Is Hell—by Edmund Wells
2:  Beelze-Bubba—by Sonny Zae
3:  A Guilty Man—by Shawn Cook
4: The Grey Box—by Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi
5:  Paradise for Purgatory—by Jeff Poole
6:  Gravedigger—by Jeff Provine
7:  Everybody Goes to Heaven, and Then...—by Karl G. Rich
8:  Fangirl, Rip, and the Devil's Daughter—by David Perlmutter
9:  The Early Shift—by Colin Fisher
10:  The Seventh Day—by Patrick J. Hurley
11:  Second Coming—by Laura Sheridan
12:  Believing for a Reason –by Diane Arrelle 
13:  The Trees—by Alex J. Stevens
14:  The Departed that Chained the Ring—by Melissa Osburn
15:  Rendezvous—by Bruno Lombardi
16:  Alone and in Debt—by Francis Gideon
17:  Tartarus Tavern—by Erik Storey
18:  Arabesque—by Ed Ahern
19:  The Ride—by Shawn Cook
20:  The Kingdom of Heaven—by James Hartley

Brief tag-line descriptions of each story will be forthcoming.  In the coming weeks, the final proofing will be underway, and we’re looking at an October 1 release date!  All is proceeding according to plan, which is always nice with an anthology.

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