Friday, April 6, 2012

Free Fiction Friday (and everyday)

As the blog sees more and more followers and visitors, I'd like to take today's post to direct your attention to West of the Warlock, most of which is available to read for free.  Just head on over to Hall Brothers Entertainment, and download 8 of the "episodes" in .pdf format.

This project was the product of an idea I'd had for years, about merging elements of Sword & Sorcery Fantasy into America's Wild West of the 1880s.  The first foray into the new, unexplored field of "Fantasy Western" was a short story called "A Dwarf at High Noon," which was published in the Hall Brothers Anthology "Villainy."  After accepting that short, the Hall Brothers were so thoroughly impressed with the unique concept that they asked if I'd be interested in writing a longer story based around the same characters/universe.  I was more than happy for the opportunity, and West of the Warlock was born.

The end result turned out to be one of my better works, which includes some crafty world-building, while clinging to the historical background of the American West, just with some magical flourishes.  The story follows Warlock Sheriff James Doliber, his dwarf deputy, Ron Grimes, and an independent elf widow, Joella Talus, and has a wide array of supporting characters.

Since the initial success of the first published volume, two sequels have been written and are under contract for release later in 2012, and a fourth book is currently in the works.  Get started with West of the Warlock, and get ready for more adventures in the West the way it wasn't!

If you happen to enjoy the 8 free parts of West of the Warlock and want more right away, you can always buy the complete book in either print or kindle format.  There is quite a bit of extra content in the printed version, including a short story featuring Ron Grimes fighting in the Civil War.  But save that for later.  Right now, just enjoy the freebies!

For some extra insight into the creation of the first Fantasy-Western, visit my own West of the Warlock webpage.

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