Saturday, April 14, 2012

Moody Blues Experience

I discovered the Moody Blues in my late teens, and it was only by chance.  I found one of their records (In Search of the Lost Chord) in a bunch of old LP's that someone was throwing out, and once I put it on the turntable I found something worth listening to.  My early musical interests were heavily influenced by The Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra, The Doors, and various other classic rock groups, so The Moody Blues fit right in.  In fact, they quickly became one of my favorite groups.

It was only after I'd become enamored of the Moody Blues that I discovered that they were one of my father's favorite groups.  Apparently, he'd given them up because my mother absolutely hated them for undisclosed reasons (she said it had something to do with her mother, but never elaborated further).  So, for over twenty years, my father had gone without hearing a single Moody Blues album for my mother's sake, only to be reunited with the music thanks to me.  For several years before my mother's departure, he would listen to them in private, reliving memories of his youth and enjoying the newer albums he'd missed.  Now, he listens whenever he desires, since there's nobody around to offend anymore.

I have all of their regular US release albums on the original vinyl (minus the extremely hard to get Keys of the Kingdom).  I have most of the albums on CD, and my father often borrows them for extended periods.  It's a good thing I have a decent supply of fresh diamond needles, so I can still hear the records when the discs are absent.

The Moody Blues have a sound that is uniquely appreciated around the world, by people of all walks of life and all philosophical persuasions.  Their music was some of the only western rock allowed in Communist China for years, and they're a perennial favorite of radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, just to name two far-disparate examples.  Their music really transcends all barriers.

So, that's what I have to say about the Moody Blues.  Before I go, my top 3 albums:

And Top 3 Songs:

So, Moody fans, what are your top 3's?


  1. I finally lost all my old vinyls. Actually, I donated/sold 'em. But now they're back!

    Visiting as an A to Z blogger – participating with six very different blogs. (All on and all in the A to Z Challenge. Not listing the links here, but you are welcome to click through my profile picture to find them, if you wish.) Happy A-to-Z!

  2. I saw the Moody Blues live in 1977. They put on a great show. I still have all their vinyl records and have the greatest hits on CD's. :)

  3. I can't possibly be as old as I am. No way. Thanks for reminding me of this group.

    Doing A to Z

    Now following you, too. I like your style.

  4. Their music and especially the lyrics tugs deeply at my spirit and reminds me of things I once knew but have forgotten and though I am lost in memories I get only a small trace. I think Justin Hayward is a prophet. 2 favourite albums are easliy Every Good Boy and Seventh Sojourn.