Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to a good friend of mine:  Madam Cuddles Killingsworth.

In January of 2011, a tragic accident took the life of our family cat.  On a moonlit night, Gene wandered over half a mile to the highway and got hit by an oncoming car.  His lifeless, frozen body was lying by the shoulder the next day, and it was a hard thing for the children to lose him.  He was a very personable cat, friendly to a fault.  He was such a kind animal, he could sometimes be seen petting mice.  Yes, I'm serious.  He wouldn't hunt them; he treated the vile vermin as his own pets.  As a friend, he was the best, but as a mouser he was worthless.

Last summer, a new cat came into our life.  She was free, an extra animal that nobody else wanted.  The previous owners had called her "Cuddles," and she was already five or six months old by the time we got her, so the name stuck.  When she first arrived, she was very calm and scrawny, and we quickly discovered the reason for her weakened state.  She had tape worms.  A quick stop at the pet shop and $15.00 worth of deworming medicine later, and she was suddenly spry and active.  Literally overnight, she became an active, happy cat, and she has since grown to be a very productive addition to our family.  When it comes to killing mice, she is the best, hence her official title, Killingsworth.  Our house is mouse free once more.

I have had many cats in my lifetime, and I hope that I won't be hunting for a replacement anytime soon.  I hope she has many children, and that Clan Killingsworth comes to dominate the land for catdom!


  1. That really IS a great name. I actually had 3 friends whose last name was Killingsworth. I miss them. Nice K entry!

    I'm a new follower via the A to Z Challenge. Nice to meet you, Martin.

  2. Sorry about the loss of Gene, that must have been difficult for all involved. We have 2 kitties, one is 13 and the other is 8. Sounds to me like Madame Killingsworth has a nice family!
    Hope you're enjoying the challenge,
    Monica, Older Mommy Still Yummy