Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Forthman Photo

Here's an interesting photo from the vault.

Taken about 1940, here we have my great-grandparents, William Edward Forthman, Sr., and his wife, Anna Louise Littlefield Forthman (left).  The other ladies in the picture are two of their five daughters.  The one standing behind them is my grandmother Nadine (about 20 at the time), and the one sitting is Aunt Anabell.  I recently discovered that Anabell got married on January 10, 1945 to Martin L. Dawson.  I don't know if they had any kids, but they were both in their early forties at the time of the marriage.

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  1. Hi Martin,
    Thanks for the photo. I got to meet Annabell and Martin back in 1970. My family visited them while on vacation in Florida. They were both very nice. Martin worked on one-armed bandit slot machines. He was also cartoonist and had a book published. Annabell was very devoted and they both were very happy.
    Gary Reichel
    Descendant of the Forthman's