Friday, December 9, 2011

The West of The Warlock Television Project

As I wrap up the first draft of "The Six-Gun Conjurer," I have begun work on my next writing endeavor.  Over the next few months, in between other projects, I will be writing a series of scripts based on the world and characters in West of the Warlock and its precursor, the short story "A Dwarf at High Noon."

Formatting a script is far different than writing a novel, and it is quite a learning process.  I'm using several authoritative resources to aid me, and it seems scriptwriting is much easier than crafting a book.  It's like writing a detailed outline with dialog.  Once I had the formula down, and got used to the new formatting, things moved right along.

I envision this to be a television series, though it could serve as a miniseries, or the first few episodes could be merged into a stand-alone movie, as well.  There's no sense limiting my options, as it'll be difficult to break into Hollywood at any rate.  I have high hopes but low expectations.  Still, having a slim chance at getting this project optioned is better than no chance, which is what I'll have if I don't write a script.

This isn't something that has come out of nowhere, as I've thought about doing a script for many years with different stories.  Too often over the years, I've sat down and watched television, only to think, "What crap!  I can write better stuff than this!"  So, it's high time that I did.  The "Dwarf at High Noon/West of the Warlock" universe is one that I feel has the best potential for television or cinema.

I've already written the "Pilot" episode.  We'll see what happens.

The first of many!

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