Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jenna's Father

Branching out in my genealogical research, I've also been looking into my wife's bloodline.  There is quite a bit there in some aspects, and a lot to be uncovered in others.  The biggest hurdle in my research is the fact that Jenna was technically a bastard.  Her parents were never married, and her father ran off before she was born.  This makes for limited information on her paternal side.  What little I do know has come from her mother, and I hope to someday find further leads.

Jenna's father was Wilford Lemke (b. 16 Mar 1953 /Died circa 1990)   His parents were Robert Lemke and Anita Hildebrand from Frankfurt, Germany, but their names and city of origin are about all I have on them.  My mother-in-law claims they are both deceased, but when and where is still another mystery.  Wilford apparently had at least one sibling and some nieces and nephews, though yet again information is limited.

So, if anyone has any pertinent information about Wilford or his parents, let me know.  I have found quite a bit on Jenna's mother's side, and will share some of that at a later date.

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