Thursday, July 24, 2014

Depreciation of Dreams (Poem/Song)

I've been feeling rather moody lately, and while that isn't good for writing concrete fiction it is rather good for throwing down poetry and song lyrics.  I'll have more to say about my musical dreams in another post (when I can collect my thoughts more coherently).  In the meantime, enjoy this bonus poem/song, which speaks of the struggle to find something more than this mundane existence proffers.

There comes a time when dreams betray you
and fantasies fail you;
yes, I've known for so long.
When you wake up
and find that you're shaken;
the reality's bringing you down.

No matter how hard
you try to cling,
that goddamn truth
is gonna do you in.
There's no getting out
of this sinister place
the world of facts can't be denied.

Another fallen dream
never to be realized,
never to be seen;
all a forgotten scheme,
the kind we feel should be real—
if only it could be,
then we would be free

Tell me it's better
to live all our lives
slogging away in real time.
Show me it's best
to live like the rest
never knowing what else we could find.
If this is so great
why does it reek
of sorrow and boredom and hate?
Are we truly meant to live only once
without ever challenging fate?

Dare we venture
beyond these gates,
endeavor to dream again,
whatever the stakes?
It takes but one flight of fancy
and we're back in the race.

But then it comes 'round again.
They tell you no, no, no!
You run into a brick wall.
Failure makes you feel small
and your faith in your fantasy's gone.
It's a fleeting dream
condemned to nevermore.

For the dreams betray you
and fantasies fail you;
we've all seen them disappear now.
Seen tomorrow's promise
vanish in to dust
never again to be found.
But at the end of the night
dare we make it a fight
or throw up our hands and resign;
surrender again and say goodbye
to our promised fantastical sight?

Will it be all right
to give up on what might?

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