Thursday, July 17, 2014

Unrequited–A Poem of Secret Torment

In the next few weeks, I plan to start posting more to the blog, which means finding different things to share that will hopefully be of interest to you, my appreciated readers.  Here's one writing-related feature that I'm trying to bring back; sharing my poetry and song lyrics.  Let's see if anyone is interested...

Many of you know that I have written poetry for almost as long as I've been writing fiction.  I even had a few poems published in my early 20's, though the stack of rejection letters rivals that for my fiction marketing.  Poetry is an outlet for emotion, and sometimes telling a story.  At least, that's how I write it.

Today I share with you a deeply personal poem, something that was written for someone who will never read it... unless by some strange twist of fate they discover this blog... but even then I doubt they'd ever consider this to be written for them...  Er, I don't know if they'd laugh, scream, or cry if they ever did realize... Oh, crap, I've said too much.  Let's just get on with it already!

I have kissed you in the dream
your skin so pure
and lips demure,
yet when the dawn came
crashing upon my eyes
I swear I saw your face
before the fleeting shadows
of the never night
assured you were not there.

I seek your passion,
the forbidden love
that never will be known,
for this man is a dreaming darkness
and you are the light in the night,
the light I can see within
the eyes that'll never know me.

Your alien world
holds many pains and pleasures
the secrets you'll never share
of your darkest despair.
It has nothing to do with me
for my love, unfulfilled
it shall ever be,
so I can never cause you pain

The dream that never dies
but never knows truth
is the saving grace
of this sleeping man
who toils in solitude
and of the unrequited loved
who will never know
the touch of my tender soul.

Forever it shall be
the agony of the impure
this heart of tarnished gold
loving chaste from afar
and ever praying
that you'll never be the whore.

In closing, I hope you appreciate the artistry of the piece, above all.  If you enjoy my poetry, let me know, so I'll know there's a reason to share more of it.

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