Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Angell Link

As I mentioned in April, I recently uncovered some conflicting data on my Tucker side, concerning Sarah Angell Tucker, wife of James Tucker, mother of Simeon Tucker.  As explained in my Too Many Tuckers column, the data I had first posted last year was based on the findings of another cousin, and the more I research, the more it appears those claims were erroneous.  I generally try to vet my data more thoroughly before posting it on the blog, but when in need of a "T" column for the A to Z Challenge last year, I rushed things.

Further research gives far more credence to the Angell link, including the presence of Christian Church Angell's grave in the same Halifax, VT cemetery as James & Sarah (Angell) Tucker.

Excerpts from Avery F. Angell's book, "Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Angell, Who Settled in Providence, 1636," give some more interesting pointers about the Angell line, including the lineage of William Angell.  It seems William's particular line is a hard one to trace, but he's purportedly the son of James Angell, making him the great-grandson of Thomas Angell.  For those who aren't familiar with Thomas Angell, he was an illiterate teenager who accompanied Roger Williams into the wilderness to found Providence, Rhode Island (as the title of Avery's book suggests).

Details on the children of James Angell are hard to find, possibly because his descendants wished to distance themselves from him.  James was classified as legally insane at some point, though there is little else mentioned about it.

I won't go out on a limb and claim a definite link to Thomas Angell, but the evidence that currently exists seems to point in that direction.  It would be nice to uncover solid proof someday.

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