Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Tuesday Triple (4)

After yesterday's big announcement of my new fan forum and the forthcoming Summer Shootout Writing Contest, let's see what kind of songs roll off the old Media Player.  Will they be profoundly fitting, or random garbage... or both?

Send Her My Love (Live) –Journey:  Blah.  That's what hits me when I hear this song.  It's not one of my favorites, just another drippy love song.  This live performance doesn't make it any better.  That's a disappointing start to today's triple.

Say it With Love – The Moody Blues:  Blah x2!  Hey, I really like the Moody Blues, but this is one of their lesser songs.  It was the "big hit" from their Keys of the Kingdom album, but there were so many better songs on it!  While I like this a lot more than Send Her My Love, it is still a pretty unexciting selection.  Two down, one to go...

Sick of Myself –Matthew Sweet:  The Media Player seeks to redeem itself with the third song by throwing out Matthew Sweet's biggest hit.  While not my personal favorite, this is the song was really the peak of his career.  It was the first song on his 100% Fun album, and it was the first of his songs I ever heard (or remember hearing).  Yes, this far outshines the first two songs in this week's triple play.  Bravo!

Well, at least it wasn't a full slate of mediocre songs.  Let's see what next week brings.

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