Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Tuesday Triple (3)

It's the triple triple!  To celebrate our third installment in the Tuesday triple, I'll be giving away a big whopping nothing!  That's right, everyone who reads this week's blog post will receive the legendary no-prize made famous by Marvel Comics during the 70s and 80s.  To claim your no-prize, just listen to each of the three songs listed below and have a great day!

Sometimes Less Is More –Justin Hayward:  This singer/guitarist for the Moody Blues put out a little known solo album in 1996 called "View From the Hill," and this was one of the lackluster songs among the collection.  Now, I can't say it was a horrible release; it's just nothing special.  As I said, it's lackluster, a collection of easy listening songs with soft melodies, but nothing I'd call a hit.  It's a pretty bland beginning for our trio.

Down on the Ground –Tommy Shaw:  Next, we have a song from the singer/guitarist of Styx.  In 1998, he put out a solo album (it seemed to be the thing to do for aging rockers in the late 90s) called "Seven Deadly Zens."  Unlike Justin Hayward's release of the same period, this album had a few good tunes, but also some middle of the road stuff, and a few duds (plus some voice work by ST:TNG's own Deanna Troi).  This is one that seems to sit in the low-mid range of quality; an okay filler song with a catchy tune and enough of a beat to keep you awake. It reminds me of some Bon Jovi songs in that regard.

Long Live Rock –The Who:  It seems to be the day for fillers.  Here's a reject song that The Who shoved on their "Odds and Sods" album, of odds and ends.  This song wasn't good enough to put on a regular album, and it doesn't really do it for me.  There are gems amongst the clutter on the cutting room floor, but this wasn't one of them.

There you have three songs that really don't do it for me.  Give them a try, and see if you feel differently.

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