Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Tuesday Triple (1)

Here's a new feature that I'm going to try out on the blog for the foreseeable future (or until I get bored with it).  Each Tuesday, I'm going to hit the randomizer setting on my Media Player and write up a brief commentary on the first 3 songs that come up.  I happen to have a lot of music on my computer (all 100% licensed), and most of it falls into the "classic rock" or "oldies" category.  I still have a lot of vinyl lp's that I'd like to get on disc at some point, as well.

Okay, so here goes.  The very first Tuesday Triple!

1:  Last One –Paw.  There are a few good songs by this group, though this is one that falls in the blah category.  It isn't really a bad tune, but it doesn't have any kick to it.  It's fairly bland until toward the end, where things speed up a bit, before calming down again.

2:  Oh How Happy –Shades of Blue.  This is the only song I have by this group.  It's on a collection of "hits" from 1965, and while I wouldn't call it a favorite, this is a nice little song.  A little sappy, perhaps, but at least it has decent rhythm.

3:  Isn't Life Strange –The Moody Blues.  One of the bigger hits from their "Seventh Sojourn" album, there's something haunting and almost sad about this original version.  Personally, I prefer the remake found on their "Legend of a Band" compilation album.

I hope you enjoyed this little foray into blogging excellence.  If you have any of these songs, think about playing them at some point today, and see how they make you feel.

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  1. I loved the Moody Blues but have never heard of Paws. And your idea is a good one for Tuesdays.

    Have a great day!