Monday, April 21, 2014

Advertise With Martinus

Those of you who have purchased Martinus Publishing titles in the past may have noticed that there are a few advertisements in the back.  Up until now, these have merely be “also available” books from Martinus, and a few of these will still be showcased in each new release.  However, as we move forward, and our titles are getting more exposure, it is time to share the ad space, assuming there is an interest.

I’d like to give fellow authors and other small publishers the opportunity to place an ad in the back of a Martinus Publishing book. Their ad will appear in both the print and e-book versions for as long as the title is in print.  You can find the affordable advertising rates at the Martinus Publishing website.

It’s a win/win proposition.  The advertiser gets exposure, and the publisher gets to defray some of the initial publishing costs.  There are limited spaces available in each book, as we can’t have the books becoming massive blocks of ads that overwhelm (get ignored by) readers.  So don’t think your ad will get buried in a massive pile of commercials.  It will be one of only a handful of such ads placed in the book of your choosing.  It’s first come, first serve.

Right now, I’ll be accepting ads for the 3 Martinus books that are definitely going to be released in 2014:  Life of the Dead (July), The Man Who Shot Thomas Edison (August), and To Hell with Dante (October).  If you want to advertise your book, zine, publishing company, or yourself as an author/artist/etc., consider placing your ad in one of these books.

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