Saturday, April 19, 2014

Altered Europa

Writers, get your keyboards ready: A new Martinus Publishing anthology is hereby announced!

Altered Europa:
Alternate History... Divergent Realities!

The continuing success of Altered America has proven that there is a desperate need for more alternate history anthologies, so I am opening up submissions to this one immediately.  I had planned to announce this toward the end of 2014, but there’s no sense waiting, when there is clearly a demand for such a collection.

Altered Europa will feature stories of alternate history where something changed in European history as we know it.  Let your imagination run wild, and imagine how things might have turned out differently.  Any point in history is fair game, from Ancient Greece to near modern times, and perhaps even some tales slightly into the future, so long as the alternate history is exposed.  Show us what happened at the event, what happened shortly thereafter, or reveal how things are impacted much later on.  Give us something to think about, something that will thrill and entertain us, and reveal a Europe that might have been!

Depending on the quality and quantity of stories being submitted, this one might fill up quickly... or it may take some time.  As has become customary with Martinus Publishing anthologies, each contributor will receive a 2% cut of the profits, in addition to the pleasure of having their story in print.

Anyone who wishes to submit a story to Altered Europa must read the submissions guidelines at the Martinus website.  Do your best to follow these simple instructions, as it will make my job easier and it may improve my mood while reading your story.  It’s good advice when submitting to any market.

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