Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Altered America Sales and Reviews

It has been an incredible week for Altered America.  Since last Tuesday (1 week ago as of this posting), we have been selling a record number of Kindle copies, currently sitting at over 500!  That may be small potatoes for the big New York presses, but for a little, unassuming publisher like Martinus, that is a thrilling accomplishment.  Readers are finally taking notice of our quality authors and entertaining stories.  Let’s hope this translates over onto other MP titles!

We are starting to see some reviews get posted to Amazon (US Link) (UK Link), and hopefully more will come across over the next few weeks, as readers get through the collection and form their opinions.  It's all positive so far, though I wouldn’t be surprised to run across a critic or two at some point, who has some nit to pick.

Let’s just grab some brief excerpts from the earliest Amazon reviews, to showcase what people are saying:

From Valerie Sharp (5-stars):
“This is a interesting collection of short stories, Interesting idea.. take one little thing in history, have it happen or not happen and then go from there.. It's like allowing Writers to take the "a butterflies wing flap can cause a storm half a world away".. and run away with it”

From kilny (5-stars):
“The authors of all these stories have a promising future ahead. Martinus Publishing has put together another winning anthology.”

From Ben Hutchinson (4-stars):
“A nice collection of stories, most of which are well written and interesting to read. Some of the stories are more validity fiction than alternative history.”

From T. Anderson (5-stars):
“I recommend this anthology to anyone who has ever looked back and wondered what might have been, if a single decision had driven them down a different road. And what is true for individual men and women is all the more true for the nations they inhabit.”

An encouraging opening salvo from readers!  It is always interesting to see good reactions, and to be fair I have rarely encountered negative press from anything I have published.  My own stories were always well received (by the few people who actually read them).  The only truly negative one that comes to mind is someone who thought The Guns of Mars was a bunch of “aha!” moments (whatever that means).  So, Altered America continues the trend of positive opinions, and here’s hoping for many, many more.

If you’ve read Altered America, be sure to post a review on Amazon.com (or your country’s affiliate, if you’re outside the USA).  Be as brief or elaborate as you desire.  Remember, every voice that speaks up is that much more exposure, and it’ll help us share these stories with even more readers.

Also, writers can now submit stories to Altered Europa, Martinus Publishing’s second Alternate History collection.  (Submission GuidelinesHere).

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