Friday, October 1, 2010

The Star Slavers Online

As many of my loyal fans know, I've been releasing one of my old novels via my website since last December.  "The Star Slavers," is something I wrote shortly after "Virtual Wiles," and it never caught an editor's eye.  I can't say it is my best work, though it's hardly rubbish, so I decided to share it with the world.  Each week, I add another piece of the book on my site, which is free to read by all.

This book began as a short story entitled Nester.  The first 3 segments online comprise the original story I composed even as I was still finishing work on Virtual Wiles back in 2001.  That initial story had an almost traditional "first contact" feel to it, albeit from a more alien perspective.  After writing that initial tale, a larger story unfolded before my eyes, and eventually became an 80,000 word novel called The World So Desired.  That lackluster title was replaced when the first segment of The Star Slavers was posted.

There are many different themes in this curious piece of literature.  We focus a lot on the fledgling Lesher society, as it struggles to advance into an industrial age, even as the citizens hold fast to archaic beliefs.  We also see quite a bit of the Nissites, the Centaur-like aliens who have come from outer space to claim dominance over this primitive world.  All the while, we have a couple of human beings caught in the middle.

There's something for everyone in this tale.  Action, adventure, sociology, philosophy; even a bit of romance, though it's kept strictly PG.  I'm not one for erotica.

The online installments have only taken us halfway through the book thus far, which means there's plenty more to see, but also a decent backlog for you to sample.  Start from the beginning, or jump right in with our latest piece.  Either way, be sure to read it every week.  Hey, you can't beat the price!

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