Thursday, May 26, 2011

Poll Results: Stargate & Your Life

We had 12 votes in our latest poll, so that's a good improvement.  It's double the number who voted in our Robin Hood poll, so I guess Stargate was a little more interesting for my readers.

The results came out thusly:
What is your favorite version of Stargate?
Stargate SG-1: 6 votes
Atlantis:  1 vote
Universe: 3 votes
The Original Movie: 2 votes

So with precisely 50% of the vote, it is clear that the 10-seasons of SG-1 captured more people's favor than the other choices.  Not surprising.

This week's poll takes on a more serious subject matter, namely, if you could pick one desirable attribute to add to your life, what would it be?  For the purposes of this question, imagine you're actually given a choice (unlike the real world).

Let's keep the poll running.  Invite your friends to vote!

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