Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rogue Investigations=Bargain!

The Rogue Investigations is only 99 cents for the Kindle, so those of you with electronic readers can enjoy the book my biggest fans have called my "best" work for next to nothing.  If that isn't enough, how about a free random clip from the middle of the text:

"You big city sons-a-whores think you're gonna come up here and disrupt my livelihood?" Rage heard as he woke up. His arms and legs were cramped, and tied securely to a chair.

"I'm from Texas," Nathan replied. "Do you even know where that is, you inbred piece of crap?"

"Yeah, there's plenty of cities in Texas. Irregardless, you still got no business coming up here and trying to do what you did."

Rage cracked his eyes open a little to see who was speaking. That chubby runt was the one with the loud voice arguing with Nathan. He was holding a kerosene lamp in his left hand that illuminated the small, ratty cabin they were in. It didn't appear to be much, and the cold breeze blowing in proved that it was far from weatherproof. There were two other men behind the fat man, though they didn't look like much. A couple of skinny local boys with plaid shirts and scruffy beards. They liked to grin a lot, despite their lack of dental hygiene.

"Ah, looks like your boyfriend's awake," the fat man said, jabbing Rage in the leg with a boot. Rage tried to jump up in response, but the chair was bolted down.

One of the snaggle-toothed boys behind him said, "Careful, Bunny. He looks the type to bite."

"He won't be bitin' nothing but a bullet in a few hours," the fat man said. He flashed the lamp in front of Rage's face to get a good look.

"You'll never get away with this," Nathan protested. "The authorities..."

"Will never find you," the fat man said, sounding amused. "Moosehead Lake's got plenty of deep spots to hide a body, and I know 'em all. Now, you just sleep tight, and old Bunyan Green will be back to check on ya in the morning."

Nathan held his tongue as the three men sauntered out of the cabin, leaving the room in total darkness.

Both men sat in silence, waiting to be sure their captors had truly left before striking up a conversation. Several hours passed, and the faint signs of dawn began shining through the single window of the cabin.

"Mind explaining how we got into this mess?" Rage asked, glancing over to see Nathan's eyes wide open.

"It's complicated, and I'm not wholly sure myself," Nathan said.

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"Why'd you call me up here, and why'd you beat the crap out of me?" Rage grumbled in a mad whisper.

"I honestly don't remember fighting you, but I called you because I couldn't call anyone else."

"Gee, thanks."

*For those of you who lack a Kindle (or just want to pick up the old fashioned, paper version), it's only $10.98 on Amazon, or you can visit my AuthorStore, and get a signed copy for even less!  You can't go wrong with this one.

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